Our Philosophy

Why does online dating suck?

When people meet offline they often have a cute story when asked about how they met, but when people meet online the answer is always, simply, “we met online”.


Dating online is dehumanizing and demoralizing; it’s all the worst parts of real life dating amplified, and that’s why after all these years and growing success it's still stigmatized!

Missing Ingredients:

1. Context 

2. Low stakes interactions

3. Serendipity

In real life, you might start chatting with a stranger at a friend's wedding about the song the DJ picked, and then you bump into them again at a concert 3 years later! On existing dating apps, you both swiped right and now have nothing to talk about—and that’s the best case scenario. 


Research has shown online dating to be damaging to mental health, and that almost half of people dislike using the apps! What other industry can say that half the users dislike using their product?


There is a dating app in the future that solves these problems, and it works in a completely different way. The answer is not going to be refining the current model, but creating a new model entirely. 

Our Approach

SamePage serves as a snapshot of your media preferences. Save and review your most loved - or most loathed - articles, tv shows, movies, books, tiktoks, whatever else, and check out what others have to say about theirs. Grill someone about their dismissal of musicals or gush over your favorite comedian with someone who loves them as much as you do. 


On SamePage, you don’t have to play the high stakes game of first impressions. Maybe your opinion on batman turned someone off, but when they come across you again a week later, they loved your opinion on the history of pockets!


If you're not sure where to start, let us make the first move for you. We'll provide media-based conversation starters so you're not stuck in the usual online dating chat void. Will you discover a new favorite show, or a new favorite person?


So there you have it. Online dating that has substance and serendipity. SamePage facilitates human connection and mimics the best parts of how dating works in real life, instead of the worst.


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